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please help

cornwall, United Kingdom Gb

i need as much informationa about the Agave americana. I am currently in my first year of my degree and my first paper is on this plant i need to know all about it can anyone help????



I've got an A. americana variegata Nick. I had the standard one but it drowned over the summer. Don't know what you need to know. If you want a photo of variegata, I'll post one in my 'My photos' but I would have thought there would be loads of info and photos if you just google it. Wikipedia would be a good start for history etc.


15 Oct, 2008


thanx that would be great unfourtunatly we got warned off wikipedia as some people get great pleasure in adding miss leading information on it so unfortunatly i dont know if the site has facts that a true about it. I need to know everything i can about it from propergation to climate to flower.

15 Oct, 2008


Actually Nick I used to teach at U. of London myself (in a different subject). I'm afraid I can't play games with people who have heard stories about other people putting misleading information on the web. This is just idiots putting slanders and half truths about politicians on there. If you can introduce me to a political plant I will agree with whatever idiot told you that.

I'm sorry. Do your own research. I can't see many people on a forum wanting to write your project for you. If you want to know if items are true then research them yourself. If ever you want to be a gardener I am sure any forum will welcome you.

15 Oct, 2008


Nick - I was a Headteacher in my previous life. I am going to add to what Sarraceniac has said, even though you won't like it.
Firstly, I agree with him - it's supposed to be your own work, not what is given to you on a plate from a gardeners' forum - someone on here might give you incorrect information anyway - how would you know if you hadn't researched it youself?
Secondly, I really, really hope that when you present your paper, you use a spell checker. You will be marked down if you don't! Sorry if that sounds rude. Did you read your question through before you submitted it? I couldn't help but notice the spelling mistakes.

15 Oct, 2008


Not a teacher Nick but assume that any replies would require references and source material as otherwise info regarded as anecdotal.

So as more qualified answers refer to this down to you.
Just thought I d add an agreement in case you thought it may be just teachers and conclude well they would say that wouldnt they. Theres a very good reason for their replies.

Oh as a student youll probably find during the course of your research , that Tequila is distilled from this plant!

16 Oct, 2008

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