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Another plant I have that I think is an umbrella tree plant, but not sure. It just doesn't seem to be doing well. I know I need to transplant it, because the pot is too small, but does anyone have any other tricks or ideas?




I have one of these which seems to like it in a shady corner of the room. It also seems to thrive on neglect, and does not mind if not watered too often. I recently gave it a couple of those green plant food sticks, and it produced two new leaves, so feeding does help.

14 Mar, 2008


Thanks!!! I'll give it a shot... wish me luck!!

14 Mar, 2008


its an' Umbrella plant' or if you want to be clever 'Schefflera'. and sorry Chris have to disagree with the conditions a bit - according to my book it needs bright light but not direct sunlight, average temp of 65f not going below 55f in winter. keep well away from central heating as this drys out the air. mist leave frequently - ideal location would be a bathroom! repot in spring every 2 years. and keep the leaves clean, - wipe them with a warm damp cloth every week or two. and although it does like humidity - be careful not to over water, especally during winter. sounds like a lot to do but i have had these many times before and they are quite easy if you get the right conditions - and looking at your pic would say this one could do with a much bigger pot and some nice fresh compost! good luck.

15 Mar, 2008


I heard once that these plants naturally grew on the floor of the rainforest. They would quietly subsist in the shade for many years and then, when a tree fell down and the plant suddenly received some light, it would suddenly come to life and start growing up to the light really quickly and this is why you sometimes see ones that are really long and leggy!

15 Mar, 2008


great advise all... thanks. I repotted it last night with a good airy soil, and reluctantly will try it in the bathroom for a while, and see how well it does (my bathroom is pretty small).

thank you all!

16 Mar, 2008

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