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Keeping gardenia indoors?

Ohio, United States

I absolutely love gardenias! Living in Ohio though, they are not easy to keep alive. I'd love to get one for indoors, and have tried. Any tips on how to make them thrive, or is it hopeless?

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hello again Tlsiravo, i am affraid that Gardenia are famously hard to keep! i have never had much luck with them myself and i am a florist! but then again i live just outside of London, so our condtions will be completely different yours so i'll give you all the info i have. my book says this: gardenia is often a disappointment because it is extremely demanding. for flower buds to form, a night temperature of 60-65f is required, and during the day it needs to be approx 10f higher. an even temp and careful watering are needed to prevent bud drop (this is what always happens to mine!)

bright light essential - but avoid direct mid day sunlight in the summer. keep compost moist at all times - reduce watering in winter, only use soft tepid water. likes humidity mist leaves frequently. repot every 2-3 years!

have i put you off? hope not - they are wonderful plants, and like you say the scent is second to none, why not give it a go i would imagine that you have the heat closer to what it needs than i do, and if it does'nt work why not try Jamine or Hoya - which are two more of my favorite scented house plants, but they are much less demanding and easier to grow. good luck.

15 Mar, 2008

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