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Ohio, United States

Please help!!! I desperately need to know what kind of plant this is and how I can save it!.... it started going down hill quickly, then started growing these little leaves from the bottom.... no idea how to care for this with out knowing what it is!!!



It looks like a type of Philodendron to me. I had one like it many years ago. It does look 'sick'. I would repot it, trim away any dead or crowded roots and put it somewhere bright but out of sunlight. As a last desperate measure cut off the large leaf as well.

15 Mar, 2008


hi me again, yes i do agree with Goringfolly i think it is a Philodendron selloum (Lacy Tree) these type of plants are usually better off in puplic places rather than as house plants. they can get very big. They originate from the American tropical forests, so no direct sunlight. average warmth minimus of 55f in winter. they like to be moist, but not water logged. keep the air moist in summer and in heated room in the during the winter (i think this is reffering to a conservotory or heated greenhouse rather than central heating! and this plant loves humidity! will not like dry air at all!) - mist leaves frequently in the summer. repot every 2-3 years. i would agree with Goringfolly, defo needs repotting, and i would bite the bullet and get rid of any damaged leaves they only take energy out of the plant and they will not recover once damaged, or be able to function as they should, so it is best to remove them and the plant will put its energy into growing new healthy ones that will do there job! good luck!

15 Mar, 2008


when you say trim the roots, that scares me. can you cut roots w/out killing the plant?

16 Mar, 2008

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