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what type of soil should i put in my greenhouse

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when i bought my house it came complete with a greenhouse. When the old tennants left the chap told me it might be a good idear to change the soil. Question is do I put ordinary top soil back or do I have to mix anything with it. This year I want to grow tomatoes directly in the soil. Look forwad to your replys.



Hello Royboy,
Welcome to Goy.
It is best to dig out all the soil to 1ft. deep. Check the drainage and the footings.
That soil can be used to top dress flower beds etc.
Replace with a good loam.
Three weeks before planting your tomatoes add compost/fertilizer.

2 Jan, 2009


Are we still allowed to use Jeyes Fluid? I don't have room for a greenhouse (Lucky You who have!) but I remember my Mum 'Jeyes'ing the greenhouse soil during the winter 'to clean it up'.

3 Jan, 2009


Hi Peteq,
Yes you can still use Jeyes Fluid, it is mainly carbolic acid. Remember that it not only kills things you don't want, it also kills things that are beneficial to Horticulture.

3 Jan, 2009


Thanks Doctorbob1,
have dug out old soil today and will be puting new soil in soon. Do you buy the loam soil ready mixed or do I have to do this myself. Sorry if this is a silly question , but this is all new to me.

4 Jan, 2009


Hi Royboy,
There are no silly questions on here, they are all serious, in need of an answer.
You can purchase from a good supplier a big bag of loam (not garden soil) which is ready to wheel straight into your greenhouse.
You can water with Jeyes fluid before putting your soil in to kill any remaining fungus etc. left behind.

4 Jan, 2009

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