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Composted cow manure as fertilizer

Florida, United States Us

Is it all right to use composted cow manure as fertilizer & if so, what is the best way to do this? Also, should I use some other kind as well & again, what is the best way?



Hi Ruffian, Welcome to GOY.
We are the wrong side of the pond, but your question is a basic one.
Use as other composts, except for potting. If using it on your veg plot, fork in for root vegatables, dress with lime for brassicas. It is a good mulch for hedges and shrubs.

2 Jan, 2009


Hello Doc, thank you for the welcome & the info. Apparently I didn't pay attention too closely before joining GOY or I would have realized you all were on the other side of the pond... LOL!

2 Jan, 2009


It's OK Ruffian, there are members from all over the world on GOY, everyone is welcome and you will find lots of lovely people here.

2 Jan, 2009


Ruffian from the other side of the pond again...
Since I am completely new to growing things I have no idea how to use composted cow manure as I would other kinds of compost. LOL! So far I have just mixed it in w/the sandy soil we have here & hoped for the best but I keep seeing it(compost is general)referred to as the "best fertilizer around" which is why I asked about using it as such. For the most part I have just planted a LOT of flower bulbs b/c I figured they wouldn't be too difficult to grow & many of the more than 1000 that I have planted(using bone meal in the bottom of the hole)since 11/11 have started to come up already & I'm concerned that the plants need food or something so they'll blossom & not die all together. Never before have I attempted to grow anything outside.
Thanks to all of you at GOY for being so kind & considerate as well as patient!

3 Jan, 2009


Hi Ruffian,
Don't be too cautious, have faith in what you are going to do. Cow manure is high in Nitrogen and needs to be balanced. Bone meal is slow acting Nitrogen.
Check your PH, you may be neutral to acid.
Bulbs will grow your flowers from the strength in them. The bonemeal will help to produce the bulbs for next year.
You are getting it right with mixing compost with your soil.

3 Jan, 2009

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