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why did some of my peppers grow black


By Opia

essex, United Kingdom Gb

I grew capsium peppers in my greenhouse last year and although they seemed quite healthy some grew completely black. did not dare taste those but even the green ones were bitter. Any advice to stop this happening this year?



Hi Opia. What time of year was this? Your symptoms are those of peppers that have been got at by frost. Mine were rubbish this (last) year because of the poor summer. I pickled most of them.


2 Jan, 2009


Thanks for the reply John
it was late summer so defintely not frost but have found that a young guy over the allotment who goes to the local agricultrial college had the same thing happen in the college and they didnt know why this happend so if there is any budding alan titmarshes out there perhaps they can help

2 Jan, 2009


That was only an opening investigation but as you want Alan Titchmarsh I will gracefully retire. Lol.

2 Jan, 2009


It's always possible they were meant to be that colour. There are some cultivars of sweet pepper that turn purplish-black or chocolate brown, like 'Mavras' 'Sweet Chocolate' and others. 'Rainbow Mixed' include some of these dark ones too. If the seeds weren't meant to include peppers like this, there's always the possibility of a mixup.

Link shows a couple of pics of dark coloured peppers.

2 Jan, 2009

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