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Mimosa losing leaves


By Liz757

Hampshire, United Kingdom

I have a young Mimosa tree that is losing its leaves. I want to know if this is normal or should I be protecting it from the cold. If so, how do I do this? Liz

On plant Mimosa/Acacia



Hi Liz, i don't think Mimosa is fully hardy in the UK, bare with me i will just check that for you in my book......

30 Dec, 2008


yep, as i thought it is frost tender, advisable to grow young plants under glass. so you will need to put it into a cold frame or greenhouse, or ideally a conservitory through out the winter, if you are unable to do this you could try protecting with fleece. good luck, i don't think they are easy to grow outside in this country, but i gues that depends how sheltered a possition and where in the UK you are. hope it survives they are lovely plants

30 Dec, 2008


Thank you Majeekahead. I have bought some fleece and it is now wrapped up and I am hoping I am not too late to save it! Liz

13 Jan, 2009


Hi liz, your welcome, i did a blog about fleece protection not so long ago, i have since found out that it is best to remove the fleece during mild spells, so if you get the chance, - check out my blog, which was about november/december time, and also check out Spritzhenrys recent question about removing fleece, this should give you all the info on this you will need. good luck hope you manage to save it - beautiful plants!

13 Jan, 2009

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