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Goji Berries


By Bedgar

bedfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I bought some seeds and raised a number of plants: they turned out to have two distinctly different appearances.
One looked like a wallflower plant, with bushy leaves, the other more of a juvenile bush or tree, with thinner leaves.
Can there be two types from one packet of seeds? Or, which is the right one?



Hi Bedgar, Merry Christmas.

Wolfberry (goji berry) species are deciduous woody perennial plants, growing 1-3 m high. Lycium chinense is grown in the south of China and tends to be somewhat shorter, while L. barbarum is grown in the north and tends to be somewhat taller.

If the leaves are similar (could you post a picture) then I suggest you have some of each. If they are totally different then I reckon you have something else with at least one type.


23 Dec, 2008

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