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winter colour wish list

Middlesex, United Kingdom Gb

My garden is very colourful in Spring and in Autumn but is very lacking right now. So when the family have asked me what I would like for Christmas I have mentioned a few shrubs that will add winter colour and interest. Skimmia reevesiana with its super red berries, Gaultheria too, Mahonia for its glorious yellow flowers. Do you have any suggestions as to what I could add to the list.



Euonymus fortunii, Forsythia oh and ask for a Hamamelis, dosent matter which one as they are all great. Some are better than others for fragarence but they are still good.

19 Dec, 2008


Camelia is beautiful for late Winter.....Winter Jasmine, mine has been out about 6weeks now, Viburnams with their vivid red berries, I would love one for next year.....and Winter flowering Clematis....Cirrhosa Freckles (not sure about the spelling lol) will be in bloom soon and also Wisley Cream with its pale bell flowers out beginning of February is a gem for any garden. I have cream and green ivies which come into their own when all else is dormant. Daphne with its beautiful fragrance will be in bloom now and the small tree Prunus Autumnalis is showing pale pink blossoms now.

19 Dec, 2008


I have a Spirea Anthony Waterman, I think it is which is aglow right now wih yellow leaves. It looks lovely and it also looks great at other times of the year,too - red leaves in Autumn and clouds of tiny flowers in Spring/Summer. Look it up, you'll see .....

20 Dec, 2008


I have a Choisya ternata 'Sundance' which keeps its beautiful golden yellow leaves all year and also a couple of different Dogwoods which lose their leaves in winter but one has lovely red bark (oh dear, DOGwood - bark) and one with yellow bark. They are more interesting in winter than in summer. But in summer, with other plants around it is not so important.


20 Dec, 2008


Yes, Joy and Sarrac I agree I have both too and they are lovely Choisya is only tiny but like a bright star just now. The escallonias are lovely too...especially Elles Gold which like the Choisya is vivid limey green and come early Summer will have pretty red flowers too.

20 Dec, 2008


For height, Acer Senkaki has lovely red stems in the winter - it has small leaves that are golden in the autumn. It is shown in some of our winter photos.

20 Dec, 2008


Would you care to read my blogs on just this subject? I posted one on Coprosmas and one on winter flowers yesterday. I hope you might find them of interest. Andrew did a follow-up, too. You might find something that takes your fancy amongst the photos.

20 Dec, 2008


Viburnum x bodnantense

20 Dec, 2008


Lots of good ideas here, another few i can add would have to be Hamamelis mollis, or commonly known as Witch Hazel, bit later in the season to a lot of the others, but well worth the wait, i have loads of pictures in my garden page, although they can get big, so you need a big space for it also another would be winter heather, you can find a heather that will flower any month of the year, i have some lovely white ones just coming into flower now, really brighten up my garden, another you could try would be Chimonanthus, or Winter Sweet, not one i have myself, but on the ever increasing wish list, lol the scent is wonderful. and another would have to be Garrya eliptica, or the Silk Tassel Bush, this is stunning during January/febuary if you don't mind the wait, oh and not forgetting Viburnum tinus, - has someone already said that one? well it's lovely this time of year, and followed by bright blue berries.

21 Dec, 2008


Thank you to everyone who responded. Merry Christmas.

22 Dec, 2008

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