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hyacinthus bulbs


By Learner

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

I've been given two small pots with 3 hyacinth bulbs in each, they seem to be sitting on top of the soil with roots showing, should I repot to larger pots and cover roots.
many thanks ,
complete learner.



i would imagine that they are indoor ones, - ofcourse they can go outside in the autumn next year and then yes you would split them and plant them much deeper in the ground. but Hyacinths are often sold like this during winter as an indoor plant, you need to do nothing with them, just keep them on a bright window sil, away from central heating, and well watered, and they will flower for you in the next few weeks, the scent is wonderful then once the flowers finish, cut off flowering stems but leave the leaves to die back natually, and the bulbs to dry out, then store them in a cool dry place until autumn then plant in your garden.

19 Dec, 2008


Hi Learner,
The Hyacinths you have are for growing indoors/ greenhouse, do not disturb the root system.
As they get larger they will fall over and dry out, pot them up, pot and all, in a larger pot with some more compost.

19 Dec, 2008


Sorry Maj,
We were posting at the same time. Lol.

19 Dec, 2008


lol glad we agree, - obviously good advice DrB

19 Dec, 2008

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