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How does using bubblewrap to insulate the greenhouse work?



Hi Patricia. If you mean how does it work physics-wise it just creates an extra layer of bubbles filled with air that work just like putting an extra jumper on. The air in the bubble warms up and loses it's heat only slowly so it works like double glazing. The warmth is held in the greenhouse by the extra layer of air. If you could get some vacuum bubble wrap that would be even more efficient but that is impossible. It would collapse. So it is more like secondary glazing.

If you mean how do you use it, then you simply clip or stick large sheets of bubble wrap over every bit of glass that you can and it acts like poor man's double glazing (see paragraph 1.)


15 Dec, 2008


Hi Patriciah,
Bubblewrap works the same as double glazing in a house, also saves you having to shade your plants from bright sunshine. It's best to do the whole of the inside of the greenhouse.

15 Dec, 2008


Sorry John,
We posted at the same time.

15 Dec, 2008


Um. Snap, Bob. I'm cutting the medication right down. Lol.


15 Dec, 2008


It traps heat inside, and provides a modicum of insulation - warmer inside - frost outside! It also cuts down the amount of light that can get in, which is sometimes a problem if the greenhouse is sited in a partly shaded area. But i have used it for about 10 years with no problems - this year i am not heating the greenhouses at all (usually they are kept at 5 degrees) to save on gas and i hope that all my brugmansias, fuchsias and alocasias etc get thru ok! If it is in good condition the bubblewrap can last 4-5 years - but if it starts breaking down it will cut out more light and should be replaced.

15 Dec, 2008


Mine get through Hoya. And you are in Devon and I am in Yorkshire so you should be fine. (but I do bring my Colocasias, especially Black Magic, into the house up here.)


15 Dec, 2008


At the very least you could just lay some bubble wrap over the plants, if that works out.

I am doing that to my cactii. We are having a major cold snap event here. Now they are saying that it may last through the entire month.

22,F. high. Little snow. The worst of combinations. Till the end of they year???

I have fired up a kerosene heater.

16 Dec, 2008


Bubblewrap is double glazing on a roll.
I wouldnt just lay it over the plants, as they could get very wet and rot. Paraffin/kerosene stoves produce a gallon of water per gallon of fuel.
II have used it for years: you will know when it has passed its useful life, as it will go brittle and fall apart !

I like to have a convector heater and a fan heater in the house, set low, so that there is some air movement

22 Dec, 2008


Quite right Bedgar.

Have a nice holiday.


22 Dec, 2008


If Bubble Wrap Shades Plants from Sun can i leave it up all yr in My Greenhouse ?

11 Feb, 2009


I do Jacque. It is a lot easier than taking down and putting up and lasts longer (about 3 winters).


11 Feb, 2009


Wow! Thanx John 3yrs is good & i love the idea of Not Taking It All Down :) lol

11 Feb, 2009

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