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Can anyone tell me what a "Petang Court" is? I have friends who live in Spain about to make or construct on. I do not wish to appear stupid when I speak to them next. Brian


By Brimach

United Kingdom Gb

Petang Court



I haven't a clue Brimach.. I must be stupid too... I hope someone on Goy knows because im intreaged (sp) now.

15 Dec, 2008


All I know is that it is a game played in Spain.

15 Dec, 2008


There is a game played in that part of the world called Petanque, is this what is meant? It is like Boules.

15 Dec, 2008


Hi Brian

the game is definitely petanque also called boules and is actually played in France . For further info go to :

hope this helps Mel

15 Dec, 2008


Ive googled it, Theres a hotel in spain that provides a Petang Court for gentle exersise, theres a photo of "tennis raquets" Tennis balls and a low net.. Maybe!!!

15 Dec, 2008


Many thanks for all your replies

15 Dec, 2008


But if its Boules, how can Brimach's friends make or construct those ???

15 Dec, 2008


hi there ! it is petanque, a game we play a lot in my country - France - i built a court in my summer garden in France a few years ago. it is like boules game and the little wooden ball that is part of the set is called 'le cochonnet' which means little piggy ! the court is a stretch of about 20 metres and 3 foot wide, flattened and slightly sanded, great game xx

15 Dec, 2008


The similar game played here in northern Spain is called Bolos and has a serious following, with a Bolos game often being the highlight of village fiestas and games are advertised (like football) in the local newspaper. I'm still trying to work out the rules!!!???!!!

16 Dec, 2008

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