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Can we make a Gardening Question favourite? Sometimes, I like questions which have not been answered so I would like to make them favourites so that if someone replies to them then I can read the replies too. Is that possible on the forum or could it be looked into please?




The boys are looking into this - how can I follow if I dont comment? At the moment the only way you can follow is to comment and then it comes up next time some one else comments. If you dont want to comment just write something like 'interesting'?

22 Jun, 2011


Thanks Drc726,

I have done that few times but felt that it wasn't right.

Could you ask them to look into something like TripAdvisor type thing where you can tick and un-tick a thread whenever you need / don't need. :-)

22 Jun, 2011


I read all the posts in Google Reader and "star" the ones I want to come back to. It work for me.
Or you could, depending on your browser, bookmark the ones to look at again in a GoY folder.

22 Jun, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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