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I have just bought two cuttings of Hoya Carnosa. I live in Devon I plan to put them in the conservatory - I'd love advice on how much sun they like because I get sun all day. PLUS would like to pot them on (they are both 7inches high and in 3.5 inch pots) would that be sensible now and if so what soil/food? thank you!



Pot them on as and when they need it, a good multi purpose compost will be fine. This plant either trails or needs training on a wire frame and tying in, so quite a lot of people plant in a hanging pot. Care instructions are as follows: Average warmth, keep cool in winter (50-55 deg F). Bright light, some direct sun beneficial, but not full sun all day. Water liberally from spring to autumn, sparingly in winter. Mist leaves regularly, but not when the plant is in bloom. Best time to repot is spring, once they're established.
Your conservatory may prove to be too hot and sunny for them, but you could try and see how they do.

25 Jun, 2011

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