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By Kenho

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, just bought10 well rooted twiglets of sloeberries.[approx 10/12 inches high] When can I expect them to come to the fruiting stage?
Any answerswill be gratefully recieved

On plant Blackthorn



I presume you mean the Prunus Spinosa or commonly known as the Blackthorn. I cannot tell you exactly but I would not expect any fruit for a few years hope someone more knowlegable can give you a more accurate time. We plant them in the field hedges and it is only the older mature trees that you see the fruit on, and those are on the hedges that are left to grow. as most of the hedges are cut annually, you very rarely see fruit on the regularly trimed hedges. I know a lot of the modern fruit trees crop fruit very soon but a lot of the old fashioned trees would take a lot longer. whether the blackthorn have been up bred is another matter.

9 Dec, 2008


Normal timing for Prunus to flower and fruit is about 8 years growing from seed. If left unpruned that is.

10 Dec, 2008

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