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Could someone please tell me what this tree is?

Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can you please tell me, can you use Cherry Laurel as hedging and how poisonous is it?

On plant Prunus laurocerasus

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It could be a laurel

19 Jun, 2011


Hello its a Laurel, and if you want to hard prune it then it responds very well, if you so wish you could come right down on it and take the overhang back too.

19 Jun, 2011


Thank You very much for your replies. I will take your advice Julien and prune it back.

19 Jun, 2011


There may be birds nest in it? There was one in mine when I pruned it right back.

19 Jun, 2011


Thanks for the advise, I will watch out for bird nest.

19 Jun, 2011


Cherry Laurel, though, not a Bay Laurel.

20 Jun, 2011


Yep, Cherry laurel, or more specifically, Prunus laurocerasus.

20 Jun, 2011

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