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What's eaten my laurels?


By Dave09

North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hello, I'm trying to grow a laurel hedge. Most of the plants are fine but a couple have been eaten by something - see photo. What's likely to have done this and how do I stop it?

Many thanks.

On plant Prunus laurocerasus




Sphaerotheca pannosa oidium perforant in French but i think there is also Pananychus ulmi

8 Mar, 2009


Although it looks like it has been eaten, this is a Fungal disease I think the best thing to do is remove all affected leaves. I also have a badly infected bush and have decided to remove it altogether before it spreads to other bushes. I think it unlikely it will have been eaten as the leaves are very poisonous.

8 Mar, 2009


Many thanks for the replies!

I will remove the leaves. Is it safer to pull up the affected plants? They aren't very big, they have only been in for two seasons. If I buy large ones to replace them they could catch up with the others.

Is there a fungicide to treat this?

15 Mar, 2009


Yes I think you might be best advised to replace them. Mine is definitely for the scrap heap, big though it is. I don't know of a suitable fungicide. Sorry.

17 Mar, 2009


Many thanks for the advice. Perhaps I'll give them one more chance this spring, if they still look sick I'll pull them out.

18 Mar, 2009

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