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Trimming a 2m green cordyline

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Hi, I have just moved into a house where there is a 2m green cordyline (Australias I think) plant directly in front of the main window, although i do like the plant, its restricting the light. my question is how do i either cut the leaves back without killing it, or failing that just remove it completely. As you can probably tell I'm not a gardener.

Thanks in advance



Hi Peterburns, You can't cut a cordyline "back"..but if you have brown leaves down the trunk, you just pull or cut them off.. in spring you could try replanting it into a better position in your garden, hope this helps.. Dee..

6 Dec, 2008


here here

6 Dec, 2008


Hi, thanks for the replies, some of the leaves have brown ends and holes in the middle of them, although they are still attached very firmly.
I had a feeling that I would be told it cant be cut back, guess the only other option i have is to dig it out and maybe see about either putting it in a pot or just bin it.

7 Dec, 2008


id dig it up split it and put it somewear else.i wouldnt bin it.someone will like it

7 Dec, 2008

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