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Indoor Grapevine


By Kenho

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

Correct way to treat an indoor grapevine please. Thin back at this time of year, ??. How much to trim off during the summer,? as mine overtakes the inside of the greenhouse roof.
Also, what gives it the brown spots, which eventually spread to the rest of the bunches >



Kenho. I take it that this is a mature vine so just make sure that no other stems are competing with the main one then remove any diseased, dead, damaged or congested stems, the vine should be 'open' for best fruit.

You must limit the lateral (side) shoots assuming you want to go for quality (actually you will find that quantity won't really be affected in terms of gross weight of fruit). Grapes are produced on these lateral shoots from one year old stems so cut back any new shoots, that don't form the permanent framework, to one or two buds or the vine will just have too much work to do. If it 'bleeds' then don't worry this will stop once leaves appear and will not affect its health.

In summer just watch to make sure there are not too many bunches forming too close together. If so, remove them.

Hope this helps. It should get rid of your brown spots as well. Be cruel to be kind.


4 Dec, 2008


If you have main rods formed, cut back this years growth to one bud. Take down the rods to a horizontal position. In Feb. tie back up and you will find growth coming from each bud.
When the side shoots grow, tie in. Stop 2 leaves after the grapes that are forming, any side growth to one leaf.
Thin out in July.
The brown spot is Botrytus, treat with Bordeaux Mixture

4 Dec, 2008

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