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Geraniums?I have had a lovely Geranium day today

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb


I have had a lovely Geranium day today. Firstly I recieved a lovely package of macrorrhizum geraniums from the very kind inverglen :O) Then when I went into my front garden to do some overdue tidying and I noticed the flowers below, are they hardy geraniums? The lady across the road has the most beautiful garden and she has these too. I am wondering if they have blown across from her garden.

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Definitely is. Probably one called Wargrave Pink

17 Jun, 2011


Agree it looks like Wargrave Pink. I have this dotted around my back garden and, most successfully, several rooted in a pot that goes on another upsidedown pot to brighten up dull corners of the garden that have some sun and shade.(see my latest blog) Geraniums are liable to pop up here there and everywhere. It varies from garden to garden and some geraniums are worse than others. The clumps can get large. When they stop main flowering. Cut back and feed and you may get another show of flower.

17 Jun, 2011


It'll be Geranium endressii. Wargrave Pink is a selection of endressii with distinct veining which the species doesn't have.

17 Jun, 2011


Thanks guys its nice to know what i have. It's a gorgeous colour with a really striking veining up close. I hope it spreads!

17 Jun, 2011


Hope you don't mind me jumping into your question misscupcake.....
Dorjac, when you say cut back after main flowering, do you mean the whole plant or just the stems with flowers? Also does this work with all geraniums eg early flowering?

17 Jun, 2011


Hi scottish, yes agree with dorjac, most of the hardy geraniums can be cut back, once flowering is nearly over and they are looking a little scruffy, then i get the shears out and trim them hard back, and you may get a second flush of flowers, but if not you get a lovely cushion of foliage.

17 Jun, 2011


Thanks Julien...wish I had known that earlier. Never mind there"s always next year. Cheers Angie

18 Jun, 2011


Hi Scottish, I only have Wargrave and a blue/purple geranium. The blue one is self sown and pulled up got and chivvied but still does its thing here and there, rather prettily. I treasure Wargrave. It gets leggy and 'goes over', a haircut about 3-4 inches up the sprawling stems, tidies it up. Feed it water it, with luck it will then repeat flower for me, if it is not too dry, as we can be in Essex. Same goes for the potted one.

18 Jun, 2011


Thanks for the tip Dorjac x
And thanks for letting me jump in misscupcake x

18 Jun, 2011


No worries Scottish it's a helpful question for me also :O)

19 Jun, 2011

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