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I have just rented a little garden plot and there are a few existing plants on it. There are four of these fellows and I am wondering what they are. The plant has flowers (which have died now), and bright green things near the root (almost look like succulents!)




These look like a variety of Sedum. The bright green things near the root are the new shoots for next year. They flower in the Autumn with flat heads of little pink or red flowers and butterflies love them. I'm sure more knowleagable gardeners than I on this site will give you tips on care.

3 Dec, 2008


I'd have thought you are right with Sedum Nariz with those flower heads but just an outside bet on a Euphorbia of some sort. If you post a picture next summer Gn someone will tell you for sure.

3 Dec, 2008


Would also go with Sedum, possibly S. spectablile. they are really easy to grow with little care and attention needed, they like full sun, any well drained garden soil, i would leave the dead bits on for the winter as it will help protect the crowns, then remove them early spring, and they will regrow from the little shoots at the base. a really good plant for attracting bees and butterflys. if needed you can divide spring or autumn. thats about it really.

3 Dec, 2008


Definitely a sedum. During Chelsea Flower show, cut the new growth down to about 2 - 3 inches from the ground, this will keep the plant compact and it won't droop.

3 Dec, 2008


Yes, sedum spectabile. These are amenable to division if they get too large - dig then up in early spring and just chop the clump into smaller pieces. Sounds brutal but it works every time

3 Dec, 2008


Do make sure you protect against Slugs and Snails in Spring.

3 Dec, 2008

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