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Is it unusual to grow passion fruits in the uk?

Wirral, United Kingdom Gb

I live in Birkenhead and the majority of the weather is wet, windy and cold. My great aunt gave me a passion flower which I planted in my small front garden. It grew beautifully and quickly from the onset of autumn and grew alot of flowers. During the recent frosts it wilted and that was when I noticed it had grown a fruit. It isn't fully grown and I suppose I shouldn't have picked it, but I was curious and rather eager to show everybody.



Hi Bexysitch, yes they do grow really well outside in the UK, although it does depend on the variety, P. caerulea, the most common white and blue variety grows really well in the UK even without protection, and is fully hardy, i have grown this outside before and it thrived, as long as you have a sunny site for it, it will flower lots and if the wether condtions are right will also fruit, and it will spread everywhere! however, not sure if the friut on this vareity is eadable. other varieties are not so hardy and are mainly grown as conservorty plants, having said that i do have two new varieties a white one and a lilac one, and i have got them outside, it is the first year i have had them, they are suposed to be frost hardy - or that is what the lable said but i have protected them with fleese anyway - will have to let you know next year if what the lable says is true lol.

3 Dec, 2008


I think we answer this about every other Wednesday Bexy. This is going to be a first because Majeekahead (Maj to her friends) and I are agreeing (nearly).

The Passiflora caerulea is the most common one in the UK and is hardy and produces 'fruit', there are other varieties that will do the same here (even in Birkenhead, lol). The unfortunate thing is that the fruit (or seed pod) tastes horrible. The P. edulis is the one that tastes like a bottle of sweet cologne and when you buy passion fruit at Tescos then that is the one. It is not hardy in this country so that is not what you have got. Marguerite may have in Queensland but not here. Passiflora Constance Elliot (Connie to her friends) is the very hardiest and that is a white one. I suspect that that is what Majeekahead has. I know I have.


3 Dec, 2008


ooohhhhh thanks John - that is good news, was hoping it would be, i had P.caerulea, in my last garden and fancied a change in my new garden.

3 Dec, 2008

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