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By Liz757

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

How do I stop squirrles from invading my garden and digging up the newly laid lawn.



I had orders to remove squirrels from an estate I worked in the early 60's. I shot 240 in 2 years and we still had squirrels.
At the moment they are laying in store for the winter/spring. They should stop doing this on your lawn soon.
Don't leave other food around which will keep them in your area

30 Nov, 2008


A couple of years ago my cat killed nine young squirrels in about fourteen days and we've had less problems since. Perhaps Bonkersbon would take them over for you.

30 Nov, 2008


Wallop hard with spade?

30 Nov, 2008


You have to catch it first Weeding!! then you can wallop it, sorry to all you squirrel lovers out there, I am a farmers daughter so have a different outlook on some of our furry little critters....

1 Dec, 2008

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