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I have several buxus shrubs in large containers with some of the leaves turning brown. Is it ok in the south of england to re-pot in November when there is no risk of frost? Do they need feeding during the winter months?


By Drr

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Ron from Bromley

On plant boxus sempervirens



great time to repot as there dorment but dont feed much as there not growing for the same water them in though rain or shine.its more to loose any airpockets.its not natural for a plant to be moved

28 Nov, 2008


I am not in the U.K. so my answer is a questionable no. I have stopped transplanting most of my stock. We are near December. Are you in a climate zone that is very freeze sheltered?

I tend to rootprune my bonsai (that specie included) in late Sept. or Oct. I then leave them alone. I generally do much more work on my Pines and plants such as this in March or early April. I am in a maritime part of the Pacific Northwest, so we do not get a summer until August. Sometimes that even fails. You may be in a more continental climate and jump from spring to summer in a week. All makes a difference.

the browning is normal. So are mine. I would not feed much except for some greensand or non N. fertilizer. Kelp. Anything to provide potash, potasssiam , some sulfur, manganese and other trace minerals. No Nitrogen.i

28 Nov, 2008


its realy not very cold here anymore

28 Nov, 2008

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