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An elementary question


By Bernard

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Is it OK to stand a pot (with plant) directly onto a paved surface or should it be raised above the surface?




Hi Bernard,
It is best to have it raised on blocks or feet so that it won't make a mark on your paving, also it will give free drainage from the container.

27 Nov, 2008


It is also more difficult for frost to strike in winter Bernard. I am sure Bob knew that but forgot to mention it. LOL.


27 Nov, 2008


Bob, answered the question. Be in Bonsai or whatever, one should always provide drainage. A few clay clinkers or small wooden inserts underneath will help the pot drain.

The infantisimal freezing advantage of having in direct contact with the surface is totally offset with the drainage issue. Add the fact that a waterlogged pot will be more liable to split when you have a hard freeze.

I put all of my Bonsai into a 12 inch high box. Cheap wood, and then fill the boxes with leaves or bark. Bonsai pots are darn expensive and I wish to loose neither the plant or the pot..

28 Nov, 2008


Oh. So if your pot gets waterlogged and you get a frost striking it may crack the pot eh? I'm sorry that I never thought of that. Otherwise I might have posted something like 'It is also more difficult for frost to strike in winter Bernard.'

28 Nov, 2008


Most of our pots and containers are near the house or could be moved closer. Bonsai are small and easy to move.
I would never use wood, as it will not last long under the weight, also it will harbour fungus.

28 Nov, 2008


I use old bottle corks to stand pots on (it is important that pots should be able to drain).

29 Nov, 2008


Thanks to all for the helpful replies. I have some small clay feet (not the ones I put socks on) and these will be ideal (It's probably what they were intended for).
I'm slightly confused about the prospect of frost striking in the wintertime. Some militant unions would consider it the best time to cause maximum disruption to the gardening public, but I believe that a good hard frost is beneficial in seeing off a lot of the naughty bugs that plague us in the spring and summer time, so please lets work hard to keep frost happy and the winter strike-free!

GOY has introduced a new interest and pleasure into my life, so long may it thrive and all the lovely people I have 'met' since I joined.


29 Nov, 2008


I like the bottle cork idea. Especially if they are the new artificial wine bottle corks. They won't rot. Another one is small pieces of that decking material made of plastic and resins.It too won't rot.

29 Nov, 2008

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