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I have a shaded area where I want to put a pond and possibly a rock garden around it. The area on the right in the attached photo.
Will it be ok in quite a lot of shade? If so, what plants, please?




Please don't put a rock garden around the new pond. It looks so naff! Lots of shade/moisture lovers such as Hostas and ferns would look better. You may need to net the pond in autumn to stop the leaves settling in it and fouling the water. Otherwise it would make a nice feature. How about putting larger ferns on 'this' side (as we look at the photo), then you will 'come across it' as you walk down the lovely pathway. Check out some pond pictures by picking 'p' at the bottom of the page.

12 Jun, 2011


Be sure to use some native plants too, Marsh Marigold, Ragged Robin, Water Avens, Hornwort, Flowering Rush, Frogbit, Water Hawthorn etc. Avoid things like Canadian pond weed and Fairy moss as they are VERY invasive!
Remember too that Frogs and Fish don't mix very well - frogspawn becomes fish food! (Frogs love Slugs!).

Good luck with your pond, take photos as you go along and post them on here. One word of warning - getting on all fours and staring into the pond for hours is unavoidable!!! :-)

12 Jun, 2011


Thanks for the comments!
Volunteer, I love your suggestion re: hostas and ferns!
And the native plants, this space...

12 Jun, 2011


i believe the rock garden idea is only tacky if you make it tacky . you could get some quit large rocks and cobbles and have a waterfall and put stones . cobbles all over the pond in and out . cement them in then put lose smaller cobbles over the cemented stones .you can get a lilly that doesnt mind shade also . the upside of shade is you wont get much algi etc .

13 Jun, 2011


I agree with volunteer about the rock garden. Ferns are a much better idea.We have 2 ponds in our garden and they are both in the shade. They get a little bit of sun and have most of the shade plants mentioned but we cannot keep fish as having large beech trees and scots pine are resting places for pigeons which foul the pond so now they are wild life ponds. Happy gardening.

18 Jun, 2011


know ponds going to do well with them trees and pidgeon droppingsall the time . every situation is different .

19 Jun, 2011


Rose1949, thanks for your words of encouragement.
It is good to hear from someone with ponds in shade. I dug out the hole to fit the preformed liner in today - phew, hard work to get it level, but it looks good.
For now I have put a few grasses and ferns around it, need to get more. I'm not bothered about fish, I want it as a wildlife pond anyway.....

Any hints on attracting insects/birds?
Do I have to get a pump if it is just for wildlife?
Also, how do I get the water clear, or will it just settle down eventually?

Any advice most welcome!

20 Jun, 2011


Find someone with an established pond. Ask them for a bucket of water and a bit of sludge from their pond. This will 'seed' your new pond with microscopic life! Other flying things (damsel flies etc) will soon find the new pond. Put non invasive pond weed in to keep the pond clear.

21 Jun, 2011


you dont need a pump for a natural pond and you will find the pond itself will incourage birds and insects . its good to have a real shallow part as birds bathe every day .

21 Jun, 2011

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