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Will my Poinsettia bloom again next year?


By Ali226

Bedfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have purchased a Poinsettia from a supermarket but would like to know what I have to do with it in order for it to still be with me (and hopefully flowering) next year.



It's a difficult process, Ali, involving keeping the plant in the dark for many hours and so on.... I really don't think that it's worth the hassle for the sake of a few pounds. They never come back looking as good, even after following all the instructions!

Sorry to be a bit negative about it - I tried and wouldn't do it again...

21 Nov, 2008


Yes, I agree with Spritz, the hassle and expense of trying to keep it going will probably outweigh the price of a new one, and they never come back as good as the growers, who produce them by the hundreds.

21 Nov, 2008


I agree, you will find it will go leggy no matter what you do, and loose all that lovely Christmassy bushiness, and that is if the central heating or cold drafts don't get it, and then all the leaves will fall off.

21 Nov, 2008


Don't bother to even try , get another nice fresh one when needed.

22 Nov, 2008


If you're determined to try anyway~ cut it back after flowering... (the flowers are the little red and yellow nectar filled cups in the centre of the brachts) cut back on water and light til spring it outdoors next summer...then in August put it in a dark closet for 12 hours and in light for 12 hours... makesure the night time temps are on the cool side...and it should colour up for you...but all the negatives above do apply and you may well not succeed even though you've followed the instructions...There are some wonderful new colours that have been developed by fiddling with chimeras... but the lovely bright red and bright green original always says "Christmas!" to me. good luck!(( * these instructions are simply what I have done (with some success) it might also be worth your while to google the plants and see what's on the internet as well...again good luck!)) 0 :-) Merry Christmas!

22 Nov, 2008


I must agree with the majority on this, unless you like a challenge (we all do it!!) it aint worth the hassle, they are so cheap now, in all colours as well.

23 Nov, 2008

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