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too many nettles

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Hi I wonder whether anyone knows whether there is a way to change the soil, i.e. PH or similar in order for nettles to withdraw without having to poison or mechanically remove them all. I have a few acres of woodland and would like to have plants like wild garlic and wood anemones etc rather than nettles everywhere. Thanks



The easiest way to clear them is to pull the stems out, they usually bring a number of running roots with them, once cleared this way wait for new shoots to appear and kill with Round up. I have cleared quite large areas in this way.. If acres were involved, How about using a harrow to drag them out

17 Nov, 2008


Hi there, i don't think soil PH would make much difference, they seem to grow in most conditions, and soil types. but like a lot of perennial weeds if you keep pulling them out as Poaannua has saggested they will give up eventually. but i would imagine it will take a few years to completely irradicate them. obviously the best way to get rid of them would be to dig them out, but i would'nt like that job in such a large area! lol, if i were you i would go with a contact weed killer, 2 or 3 applications should solve the problem, and as long as you are careful how and where you spray, - it won't effect the soil or surounding plants/trees, you would be able to plant your garlic and wood anemones after just a few aplications without having to wait 6 months or so. good luck.

18 Nov, 2008


chop them down get some membrane over the cut down bits.make it look nice end realy.after a while you should be able to take the membrane up

18 Nov, 2008


Previous suggestions to your 'nettles' problem are all valid. However, do you really want your woodland overrun with wild garlic? It is extremely invasive and difficult to get rid of. How about bluebells along with the wood anemones?

18 Nov, 2008


What about the butterflies which lay their eggs on the nettles - please don't pull them all out.

18 Nov, 2008


You have the chance to change the area to your liking. You will change the PH by bringing in manure compost, leafmould, peat etc. but by the ton to enlarge your veg plot.
The girls have good ideas.
For your revamped woodland area you could use Harrow and contact weedkillers.
NP's plastic sheets I use often to cover areas, leaving them there covered in leaves, lawnmowings etc.
An old idea was to use a flame gun and burn off the area.

18 Nov, 2008


i agree with cammomile to.a weed is just a plant in the wrong place after all.stinging knettles are part of our countryside and you can eat them.i would keep some

18 Nov, 2008


Why not get some chickens and let them scratch the nettles up! Lots of eggs too!

19 Nov, 2008

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