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Gardening in the pines

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I have just moved from the central valley in California where everything grows to a town in the pines at 3200 ft. elevation. I really don't know what kinds of veg./fruits will grow in acidic soil with so much shade. Any ideas?



Hi, I know that blue-berries grow naturally in shady environment and acid soil, i.e. woodland although they like some humus. Add some compost.
At least that might be a little start.
Good luck

17 Nov, 2008


Both locations sound wonderful! I'd just sit and admire the trees! Do you realise that we vacation in places like that!! Do you have local gardening clubs? The members might be able to suggest some suitable plants. Take a look in neighbours gardens for likely plants or go for native species for that type of site.

19 Nov, 2008

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