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when are parsnips ready


By 22jimbo

HAMPSHIRE, United Kingdom Gb

ihave parsnips ready in garden, when should i dig them up
and do i cut off leaves. how long and where should i
store them



Hi 22jimbo,
Welcome to GOY.
After the first frosts below 40degrees f. starches turn to sugars, giving the root vegetables a better taste.
Leave them in the ground, they will keep better that way.
Leave the leaves on as they will keep growing.
Dig the parsnips up as you require them.
You can start eating them now.

16 Nov, 2008


If you do not get a good frost then digging them up, blanching and freezing has the same effect as cold weather in terms of sweetening them. Had Curried Parsnip soup last week, mmmmm!

16 Nov, 2008


OOH Owdboggy, that sounds delicious.

16 Nov, 2008


Yes, let the frosts at them. Two years ago, Christmas Day, I had the water boiling in the pan, then went out and dug up the parsnips. Straight from plot to pan in a few minutes.

16 Nov, 2008

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