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Magnolia Stellata


By Janey

Lincolnshire, England Eng

Hi All.....I have a 2year old Magnolia Stellata which is about 2ft tall and had approx 15flowers last Spring. In the Winter where it is planted is cold and damp with no you think it will be okay here or would you suggest I move it?



I don't think that it will thrive there - they prefer a sunny position or part-shade, with shelter from cold winds. So as it's such a young shrub, it could be moved.

15 Nov, 2008


Hi Janey, i have one of these too, about the same size, i bought mine last year, but after flowering time so did'nt see the flowers,- looking forward to that in the spring! I do agree with spritz, mine is in a sunny spot, another tip is they are also acidic, so add some ericaous compost (not sure if that is spelt right! lol - but i think you'll know what i mean.) and it is a good time of year to have a change about, as long as you have'nt had many heavy frosts, we have'nt had any here for a few weeks.

16 Nov, 2008


I'm not sure how different my Magnolia Susan would be from your stellata, but the situation it is in receives no sunlight from Nov to March but it flowers well each spring. The soil is very well-drained though!

16 Nov, 2008


I agree with the other answers.
I have one which is 15 years old now 6feet tall and 6ft. spread.
It is in full sun and flowers early and has been frosted once or twice.

16 Nov, 2008


Thanks all for your replies.....I think I will move it to a sunnier place, the problem with my garden is that it is walled creating a sunny hot dry location one side in summer and a cool damp shady area the other. Do you think the Stellata will be happy with hot and dry too?

The other thing I could do is take a lot of the damp soil away and refill with ericacious has many buds on right now.

16 Nov, 2008


As it is a small plant, dig it up and pot it up in a large terracota pot with your ericacious compost and move it to a warmer drier position . After flowering take it back to the cooler spot, so doing you can decide this time next year to plant it in a permanent space.

16 Nov, 2008


Great idea Doctorbob....will follow doctors orders....many thanks!

16 Nov, 2008


Warning - magnolias do not like root disturbance. If I were moving a magnolia, I'd take as large a root ball as possible and do it in spring so that it has the best chance of repairing any root damage, even if this means sacrificing the flowers for that year

16 Nov, 2008


Oh, what shall I do??? Do you think it'll be fine over Winter in the cold damp gloomy area it is now?

16 Nov, 2008


Yes, leave it until spring, then move it, give it a good feed and cross your fingers

16 Nov, 2008

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