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Stipa Gigantea To cut down or not?

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

This plant has been in the border a number of years now, never sure whether to cut it right down at this time of the year, or just clean out the dead leaves, any advice on this please?

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No, don't cut it down, leave the 'flowers' until the spring to enjoy seeing the frost on them. In the spring, cut off the flowering stems and clean out the dead leaves. It is an evergreen, so it doesn't get cut back in late winter like the deciduous ones do.

Stipas can be divided from mid-spring to early summer if the clumps get overcrowded/too big.

15 Nov, 2008


nature wouldnt pick them out so realy i think its up to you.i would just pick up the dead bits myself

15 Nov, 2008


Thanks for that, will leave well alone.

15 Nov, 2008



19 Nov, 2008

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