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Problems with Arum Lily


By Taz_nut

United Kingdom Gb

My wifes Arum Lily appears to be flagging and we do not know why can anybody please help.

The tips of the leaves are going brown and appear to be wilting and the stems of the plant are going all droopy and bending in half!

Is she watering too much not enough or...

Thanks for your anticipated help!

Oh and I should of said the plant is indoors in a pot!

On plant Zantedeschia



Sorry to hear that. Arum lily likes it best being outside, they are an outside plant really, they do not mind the cold, they will die down completely every winter, but rises up every spring and if planted in a moist condition will multiply itself.

14 Nov, 2008


Oh! poor Zantedeschia! she needs to be in a nice boggy area, my "Ethiopica crowborough" lives on the bank of my small pond and thrives. good luck!

14 Nov, 2008


The "Instructions" said it was a house plant but when I researched I found it looks more like an outdoor plant!

As we live in a flat we have no choice but to have indoors, do you think we ought to put it in a much bigger pot? The pot it is in is about 12 inches across at the top and 9 inches at the bottom.

She currently waters it 2 days a week as instructed, she puts the water in a saucer and it helps itself but it drinks the water quite quickly and she doesn't top it up, should she it just looks like a lot of water for a small plant?!

Thanks for all your help.


14 Nov, 2008


Ian, its natural instinct is to 'hibernate' for the winter and then to return to life in the spring. It just isn't a house plant, as the others have said.
So you have two choices - let the plant die back and keep it moist through the winter in the coolest place you have, then try to revive it in the spring, or find a friend with a garden who would plant it in the soil.

There are lots of lovely houseplants around to take its place. Why not go and let your wife choose a new (different) one!

14 Nov, 2008


Thanks all, I will tell her the outcome and see what she says...maybe we will see if her mum will plant it in her garden for her!

14 Nov, 2008


One point to add to spritz's instructions - arum lilies come from South Africa where winters are drier than ours. Reduce the watering over winter and start to increase it again in spring as growth restarts

14 Nov, 2008


Ian your Arum Lily is suffering from disease, Phytophtora Richardiae, root rot.
The only way for you to save any parts of your plant is to take it out of the pot, scrub off any diseased parts, repot in clean soil any part of the corms left after washing in a solution of Jeyes fluid.

14 Nov, 2008

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