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How to revive my arum lily?

NSW, Australia

I bought this about 6 months ago (during Australian late winter/early spring) with a few flowers and about 6 or 7 stems with leaves. It has been in a pond most of the time. It accidentally spent about 6 weeks out of the water and was not watered during this time. There are now only 3 stems with leaves that are still alive but very droopy. I've read that it's not unusual for the flowers to stop now (Australian summer) but I'm not sure it needs reviving or whether it's normal for the plant to do this.

Can anyone help?

On plant Zantedeschia aethiopica



Hi Llambert, welcome to GoY and Happy New Year. It is probably suffering from that 6 weeks. If it is a white one you are in with a chance of recovery if you keep it moist and feed it with a general fertiliser like Growmore. It may continue to look sick for the rest of the summer (seems strange saying that, it is snowing here) but if you can stabilise it it will come back next year.The coloured ones are a bit more difficult but give it the same treatment and just pray that little bit harder.


5 Jan, 2009


Don't give up on them yet, they will try to save themselves by dying back, hopefully they may recover next year with tlc.

5 Jan, 2009


Don't worry about your Zantedechia dying down , it will
come back in the spring.Mine live outdoors all year round.Let them have a winter rest then from early spring keep them as wet as possible,even standing in water.I've seen them at their best as bog plants.

6 Jan, 2009


Your only worry is, it 'died' in the middle of summer. So let it have a summer and a winter rest.

6 Jan, 2009

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