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i am going to be moving in early dec, i would like to take my rose bushes with me.I planted them in june.How do i do this and how do i replant them?



You should be able to move them quite easierly this time of year, it is the right time to do it Kellie. but there is always a risk, particually if they have been growing in the same place a long time and are well established. the best course of action would be to leave it as late as possible, - before you move i mean, so that they are not out of the ground for too long. remove all leaves, and cut back to approx 2-3ft, to just above a healthy knode with an outward facing bud. loosen the soil all around the base of the plant and then you need to dig deep to get as much of the root system out that you can. i would start digging at least a foot away from the base of the plant and at least 2 -3 ft down so that you get the main part of the root out in tact. most roses have what is called a 'tap root' - a bit like a carrot. it will have lots of side shoot off the main carrot part, it does'nt matter if you break them but try not to breat the main 'tap' part of the root. then all you need to do is wrap it up so that it does'nt get damaged. it will be ok like this for a few days. then when you come to planting in your new garden you will need to soak the roots of the rose in a deep bucket of water, in the shade and away from frost overnight. the best bet is to plant straight into the ground rather than a pot. i did a blog quite recently all about the best way to plant and care for roses, so to save me writing this bit all again check out this blog and it will give you everything that you need to get them off to a good start in your new garden. best of luck,

6 Nov, 2008


Only thing to add is that the rose bushes belong to the house and you may not remove them UNLESS they are specifically EXCLUDED from the sale.

6 Nov, 2008

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