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Fuschia trouble


By Reem777

Northanmptonshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have two hardy fuschias in pots which up to last week were doing really well and were in full flower.

Unfortunatly being a newbie I thought they would be ok outside and would not be affected by the frost as says 'frost hardy' on the label.

It seems i may have been wrong! following two overnight frosts they don't look at all happy and i'm wondering what i should do.

Should i prune them back now and find somewhere more sheltered, do they need to go under cover?

I've now mulched the pots with newspaper and compost on top.

Any advice is greatly received.



You have done the right thing in packing around the pots, I doubt if you have lost them. In the Spring prune them to the base and they should shoot from the soil again. Are the pots big enough for them , repot in the Spring. If you can find a nice sheltered spot ,it would help too.

4 Nov, 2008


Hmmmm hadn't thought about the pot size, looking at them now i'd say not, they've really grown since i've had them.

So sheltered spot for now, prune right back and repot in spring.

should i remove all the flowers? they don't look like they will be re-gaining their former glory!

4 Nov, 2008


Although my hardy fuchsias are planted in the ground, I don't cut anything off the tops until I can see the first leaves coming through the soil in spring. I'd recommend the same for yours. Keep the pots wrapped and put them in a sheltered corner and your fuchsias should be fine

4 Nov, 2008


thanks for your replies, plants are now wrapped up and sheltered so fingers crossed for the spring.

4 Nov, 2008

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