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vandals on our lottie


By Alley

I hope you excuse me and allow me to have a bit of a rant.... I have been an allotment holder for about 4 years now and everyone there are a friendly bunch, i love growing vegetables for my family and last april I got 6 hens that have given us loads of beautiful eggs , my daugters who are 2 and 4 treat them as pets. Just in the last few days vandals and thieves have been stealing hens from neighbouring allotments and now they have tried to get into the ones on our allotment, we would all be devastated if they succeeded as the hens are our pets as well as practical egg layers ! the old guy in the allotment next to mine had been growing pumpkins for his grandchildren , they had reached a grand size too . . . vandals broke into his shed and threw them over the allotment smashing them to bits .Anyway what I would like to know is if anyone has had a similar experiance and has any advice on how to beat the vandals etc.. also we would like to make our allotment more secure which will cost money, are we entitlled to any sort of grant ? Any advice wolud be appreciated. . . when you work hard looking after your plot and someone just wrecks it it can get soul destroying . thanks.



Hi to Ally,

Sorry got no experience, just sympathising.

You are right, it does seem a shame when people have put work, effort and money in, that others think they have the right to destry it.

Hope you find an answer - Marge.

3 Nov, 2008


I would also get in touch with your local councillor to get his support. This would also help in raising it as a matter with the police (who would otherwise probably try to ignore it)

3 Nov, 2008


Hi Alley - I have no answer either, except a look-out with a shotgun! (No - that's just what I'd LIKE to do - don't do it really!)

I am so sorry about the vandalism. It must be soul-destroying for you all. Please tell the others that we do sympathise! Just a thought - is there a local Neighbourhood Watch?

3 Nov, 2008


Hello Alley,
This is very distressing for you and the family. Do you have an allotment association that you belong to?.
I don't know if they could help.

3 Nov, 2008


The only experience I have had is, My brother inlaw had a low neat wooden fence all down the side of his drive which is along the road side. Every Friday and Sat night, pieces were broken out of it and thrown at his car, he labouriously repaired it each time, this went on for months. The police knew who it was, said they would talk to them, after that they did a grand job of desroying the biggest part of it. So he took it down completely and all he has left is the bank between him and the road. Success not one minutes trouble since, The whole fun was his reaction to it. Now they get no pleasure from baiting him. Peace has restored, his car does not get damaged any more. It may be of some help, But it is just the kick they get out of seeing you repair it all the time, and knowing they are annoying you. Sick is the word to describe them. Hope things settle down. I don't think they want the veg! their mostly green!!!

3 Nov, 2008


there are alarm systems now that you can work from your mobile phone or computer with wireless cameras that are infa red and tiny.perhaps you could all chip in.its run bye breaking an invissible beam around the friend uses these for his paintball site in the middle of the can never stop some people being idiots but you can make it not worth bothering.maybe a natural barrier like climbing roses

4 Nov, 2008


Once again it's sad to hear how 'the few spoil things for the majority'. I'm with Andrewr. But I would also add that it could pay you to contact your council and speak with 'the allotments officer' direct. Whoever you speak with if you can take some snap shots with you to highlight the problem they can only support your position/request.

4 Nov, 2008


My sympathies on your experiences with vandals.
Sadly, private gardens as well as allotments suffer from theft and vandalism, but, near to home, there's more chance to keep an eye on your property.

Take a look at Marge's recent blog called Wet Sunday and read how her heavy garden furniture was whisked away by thieves - which involved lifting each piece over a high wall. :o(

Your hens seem vulnerable. Is there any way you can keep them in your own garden ?

4 Nov, 2008


We all sympathise with you. But I think Andrewr is right, contact your council and insist you must have better security, and also tell Police to keep their eyes open when they are driving (!!!) by.

4 Nov, 2008


How is your allotment fenced? A lot of the local police authorities have web pages which offer advice on planting for greater garden security - generally anything with thorns - it might not deter them completely but may help with the most casual offenders. Even brambles might do, but then the allotment holders will have to spend time keeping them from taking over the allotment. Hawthorn I think is fairly quick compared with some other hedging plants and you might be able to buy it or or fast-growing, thorny briar roses as inexpensive young plants from your local Wildlife Trust, BTCV or (all have websites) .

4 Nov, 2008


Alley, i too am just offer my support and sympathy over what these thugs have done. i would aslo agree with the suggestions of contacting your local council and the police.

5 Nov, 2008


a climing rose would look nice as well as stop casual vandals and get more bees etc in your plot

7 Nov, 2008

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