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winter care of aeonium zwarttkopf


By Chewcat

United Kingdom Gb

hi i have become a new owner of a big aeonium zwarttkopf
and have broughtit indoors to winter,i am loosing leaves / petals every day i have it in my bathroom at the momment any info how to stop the loss would be great..please please help some one..thanks pete

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hi Pete
i've just brrought mine in.
stop watering...only water when very dry....don't worry too much about the leaves in winter as long as the stem stays good it will come back in the spring.

29 Oct, 2008


Hello Chewcat, yes agree with Sandra, they're quite tough plants but need light and free draining gritty compost, the drier the better in Winter. If it gets too stemmy you can cut them off in Spring and it will shoot from the stem tip. Then pot up the cut offs as near to a rosette as possible and it'll start again!

29 Oct, 2008


I bought mine in not so long ago and chopped the top off stuck in a pot full of compost and it is growing fine. The remaining stem has sprouted new shoots in about 6 places so at the moment it's a win win situation.

29 Oct, 2008

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