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Transplanting Aeoniums from water to soil


By Marlene

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Greetings Friends,
I was in California in September and two kind folks picked Aeoniums from their garden to give to me. I have been traveling quite a bit and placed them in jars of water. (They are still alive!!) Now I have a few days home and would like to transplant them to soil. Does anyone have any suggestions about how this might be done successfully?
Thanks Much,

On plant Aeonium arboreum



Gee, that is unusual. One note, always change the water whenever you can be it Fuchsia cuttings or whatever. Aeonium's esp.

Slip those roots free as soon as you can from water. One trick being to transfer the water sitting roots into a paper cup. Fill with water, then add perlite or vermiculate. Jiggle it so the perlite settles around the roots.

Then punch some drainage holes in the paper cup and let it drain. Keep the paper potted plant somewhere warm. In a week?? fertilize it with half strength house plant food.
You might have to keep it in this container for two weeks.

Then transplant into a nice cactus or bonsai type potting soil. Keep on the dry side over winter. If you have a red leafed form, don't worry if they turn green during the winter. That is normal.

28 Nov, 2008


Thanks Much Skyline!

I will give this a try.


28 Nov, 2008

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