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I once enjoyed a garden full of many of species of birds, but of late, have been invaded by cats - with hardly a bird to be seen.... any helpful ideas?



i dont know why, but if you half fill an empty plastic pop bottle with water and lay it on its side in the garden the cats tend to stay away!

26 Oct, 2008


Surely not??? Am going to have to try this. All the neighbours cats, each house has at least one, come into our garden.

26 Oct, 2008


same here im going to try the bottle of water had awful experience with them in summer!!window open of course,i was looking after my great nephew 18mths old he was asleep at the side of my bed,he became very distressed and as i walked him through to the lounge the cat followed me!I i threw him out the door!and the cheeky cat came back in the window!!

30 Oct, 2008


Get an ultrasonic cat repeller - great idea! The frequency will be too low for the birds and too high for you, but apparently the equivalent of a smoke alarm going off for the cat. I did quite a lot of research on the net before I got mine, good place seems to be

16 Dec, 2008


I have Spooky (see Blog) back in my garden at the moment, feeder possibly in hospital or away on hols. The cat is very handsome long hair, but do not touch or else. Looking for food but very fussy. Sleeps on the garden seats. Never been known to run away from anything. Diggers ,cranes, builders, dump trucks, trenches, tarmac cutters, No problem just strolls through the lot, to see what's in the workmen's sandwiches as they dine on my garden wall. A truly COOL cat. I do not feed it apart from one small portion of dry catfood per day. Spooky usually stalks off in disgust.

27 May, 2010

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