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care of a plant


By Amandah

United Kingdom Gb

have been given a paulownia tomentosa and unsure how to care for it . leaves bar 3 have fallen off is this due to autumn or something im doing wrong



First of all it is deciduous so losing the leaves is normal for Autumn. It will grow into a very tall tree (70 feet plus) in time (quick grower). It is as tough as they come so in most parts of Britain it is hardy enough to be left alone to get on with it, that is if you want a tree of that size.
The other alternative is to do what we do with ours. Every February I cut it down to about a foot from the ground. Then as it grows I rub off all but three new growths. We end up with 12 feet high stems with huge (like elephant's ears) leaves. Very architectural too, but obviously no flowers. Take your choice!

24 Oct, 2008

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