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something better than trellis??

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I am 'hard landscaping ' a new garden & have 6 sleepers positioned on their ends (like telegraph poles) along a path to partly obscure a view of a playcentre. they are spaced at 6ft & 3 ft gaps alternately. i would like to put 'trellis' or something in the 6ft gaps, to grow climbers up & then leave the 3 ft gaps clear, so basically I will have 3 pairs of sleepers with climbers on & 3 gaps inbetween!! I didnt really want to use wooden trellis, as I would like something more invisible, I have been advised to use concrete reinforcing mesh, but my builder says this will be sharp & will rust. have you any other brigt ideas? thanks jo



This might not be suitable in view of the children at the Play Centre - but at the RHS gardens in the Rose Gardens, they hang large chains between the uprights and grow vigorous climbing roses along with with Clematis up the posts and also trained along the chains, which are not taut - they hang loosely. You might have to use 3 chains I suppose to stop 'little people' using it as a climbing frame. It looks fantastic in full bloom. just a thought.

23 Oct, 2008


~I would be worried about any laibility you may have if the children get hurt-I know they shouldn;t be near your property in an ideal world-but you and I know it's not an ideal world!
My sister's house was next to a right of way that was used by the locals as a short cut to get to school and shops and she got an incredible amount of sweet wrappers and crisp packets bottles and cans. in her garden. She put tall fancy wrought iron sections with a very fine green ~possibly plastic covered metal?coloured mesh all the way along on the inside to the same height.
The mesh is practically invisible ~just looks green!
As it is now too high for them to throw into and the wind seems not to be blowing stuff in now either her garden is a different place~she is totally thrilled!

23 Oct, 2008


chicken wire sprayed green seams the answer to me or get something that gets good vigouras growth with good woody stems and grow it along nylon string which you can cut of when the vine has took hold

24 Oct, 2008


Rebar trees are interesting, what would be the problem with them going rusty?

29 Oct, 2008

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