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By Adoons

B.C., Canada Ca

My N.Z. flax is over 7ft.(2m) and I am moving the one, but can I cut the 2nd one down? will it survive this trauma???
There is a photo of it, please advise



Hi Adoon. I am going to tell you what my book says - but it's a bit of a joke in view of the size of your Phormiums! It says "Divide in spring'. Quite how you could do that, I am not too sure! I don't have any information about what they would do if cut right back, I'm afraid. How on earth are you going to move one????? An industrial digger??? LOL.

23 Oct, 2008


A come-a -long did the job yesterday, it was not too, bad, now the planting!!!

23 Oct, 2008


Well done - good luck on the next bit!

23 Oct, 2008


trust me when i say it can deal with a lot more than that.i got mine bye cutting a bit of with an axe

24 Oct, 2008


I know that they are very tough plants once they are established, Np, so maybe drastic measures are needed as you say!

25 Oct, 2008


i think digging the hole plant up and seperating it then putting it in the ground is much easier than trying it in the ground.i used a bread knife with plants that are tough but used an axe on my one.

25 Oct, 2008


Thanks to you all, so what did I do?? we used the come-a long and after digging around it, pulled it out. It is no resting in a different spot, but I bet it is sulking.

27 Oct, 2008


no not this time of year tuff old plant

27 Oct, 2008

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