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By Sollym

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when is the best time to prune fuschia and HOW ?

On plant the fuschia are in the ground.1st year but already over 2ft high. 2 diff.answers so shall I cut them back now or in the spring?anyway thank you both for answering.



Depends on the fuchsia. If they are tender ones trim them up when you bring them in. If they are hardy ones and you don't want them to grow too big prune to the ground in Autumn or early Spring.

23 Oct, 2008


Anywhere with sharp frosts leave them until spring and the old growth will protect the plants.

23 Oct, 2008


a PS to fuschia pruning question. I DO WANT THEM TO GROW TALL AND THICK. I cannot put up a fence and I have no privacy so thought this was a pretty way of doing it

23 Oct, 2008


In mild areas, you see hardy Fuchsias growing as hedges. so I suppose it depends on a) how mild your area is, and b) what sort of Fuchsias they are? It would indeed be a pretty way of providing you with some privacy, Sollym. Good luck with them.

25 Oct, 2008


The guy who purchased and planted these fuschia for me knew I wanted to grow them thick and tall so I feel I shall have a go at pruning these now. They were bought from a reputable garden centre with a 10 yr.gaurantee.Thanks for all your interest.

25 Oct, 2008


Hi Sollym - to add to the 'it depends' thread ... some fuchsias, Mrs Popple for example, will break from old-ish wood as well as from the base so by giving it a 50% or so 'haircut' instead of cutting completely back you get new growth from part way up and that would help you to end up with a pretty large plant. (This is what I do with My Mrs P!)

26 Oct, 2008


Hey Peteq I think that's what I will do, Give it a 50% 'haircut'.There are still a few flowers blooming on the plants so should I wait 'til they all die off or go for the cut now??? Sorry to sound so stupid but my husband used to do all this stuff but I am learning fast. Thanks

26 Oct, 2008


I leave it until early/mid March (after the last serious frost) - that way you get a bit of frost protection from the old wood *and* you get to see the last of the flowers (I've had fuchsia flowers on Christmas Day some years!). This way, you can also start to see where buds might be starting to break and plan your haircut accordingly!

26 Oct, 2008


Thanks again Peteq, yes I will wait until early spring especially if there is a chance I will get some flowers over Cristmas. Great.

27 Oct, 2008

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