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Autumn/ winter plant care


By Dimapps

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have just bought a selection of young plants as part of a fundraiser for my children's school. In my naivety i assumed they could all go straight outside now i'm not so sure! I hae bought - Cyclamen, bellis daisy, primrose, delphinium, oriental poppy and sweet william. HELP!



Not too bad - and not naive at all. The only ones that need to be grown on in larger pots if they are small are the Delphinium and Oriental Poppy. Don't be surprised if they disappear under the compost, they go dormant for the winter and little shoots re-appear in the spring - but watch out for slugs and snails! They love the new shoots. All the others would be fine in pots or planters, or in the front of your border. Sweet Wiliams grow larger and won't flower until next summer - they are biennials.

15 Oct, 2008


I'd also add that oriental poppies grow a long tap root that doesn't like to be disturbed so if they need potting on (rather than planting out immediately), try to get some extra deep pots for them. Failing that, the middle of toilet rolls or rolled up newspaper would do in an emergency

15 Oct, 2008


I hope the Cyclamen are the hardy kind with small leaves. The big Cyclamen need to be indoors for the Winter

15 Oct, 2008


The big cyclamen I have are out now for three years and where burried under snow and ice last year. They disapear for me in the summer and come back up now healthy and strong. As long as the roots don't rot. But I do live in Greece and cold spells do not freeze the ground to a depth.

16 Oct, 2008


Thaks to you all for your advice and kind words. I'll have lots of fun this weekend planting them out or potting them on.
I have huge problems with slugs and snails, as i'm sure you all do, any magical words of advice. I've used egg shells and hair (!) before now which seems to do the trick in pots but not in the garden! I'd prefer not to use slug pellets as i try to garden organically, also i have 2 young children and 2 cats! i'd prefer not to poisen them!
Thanks again for your advice. LOL

18 Oct, 2008


Nematodes help as well as mechanical barriers as wood ashes (only till they got rained on though) sharp grit or brass rings as well as beer draps ....

18 Oct, 2008

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