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Hi. I'm an enthusiastic gardener with very little knowledge! A lot of my gardening is trial and error, I buy a plant I like, plant it and see if it survives! I know its not the best tactic but time is in very short supply round here - full time job, 2 young kids, a husband who works shifts! My garden is about 150 foot long by 50 foot wide, it goes uphill from the house and thankfully, all the serious landscaping was done before we moved in.So we have what I call the back yard just outside the back door where I have all my pots of herbs and a mini-greenhouse for Spring fun.Then up steps to a patio with a pond. We've recently built a raised bed and planted it with 2 bamboos and an acer. More steps to the lawn/ football pitch with bedding on 3 sides the fourth side is the kids huge treehouse/ climbing frame. Finally more steps onto the top sloped section where i have veg beds and fruit trees and then my herbaceous bit.Originally named wild flower garden it never lived up to its name and currently is just quite wild. My hands are still stinging from the nettles last night!

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