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runner beans


By Sheba

United Kingdom Gb

what do i do with runner bean plants after they are finished, hope your all well.



hi sheba,
if they are not diseased , then pull up the whole plant and compost ( if you have a compost heap that is ) otherwise take to the dump.
hope you had a good crop this year , we are still harvesting beans , but the leaves have rust , so i will not compost these plants.hope this helps .....steve

14 Oct, 2008


Yes! Compost if not diseased, if you haven't a compost I would start one it has it's reward's, also keep some of the rippend seed pod's for next year's planting. Jackie x

15 Oct, 2008


Well, mine have gone into the recycling bin which is collected by the council fortnightly. When I dig mine up I always find some pods Ive missed harvesting so I remove the beans from the inside and keep ready for planting next Spring. They need to be kept dry and away from mice if storing in the greenhouse.

15 Oct, 2008


You can simply chop and dig the plants into the soil where they are. Bean plants are invaluable for putting nitrogen into the soil, so you would be imrpoving yours just by doing so.

19 Oct, 2008

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