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how to get rid of fungi in the lawn



Scareify and clean up all the rubbish on the lawn, spray with a fungicide.
In the spring spikeroll and feed your grass.

13 Oct, 2008


the bit you see is the fungi reproducing the main part of the fungi is under your lawn so do the above or see the fungi as a plus in your garden

13 Oct, 2008


we have had this question asked many times. I agree with Noseypotter - why not see them as a plus? The soil is full of many different fungi many of which are useful to the plants. I would never want to spray with fungicide in a case like this. The fruiting bodies are only there in autumn when the soil is wet and will soon be gone.

13 Oct, 2008


I also love fungi in autumn. It is part of the season. Doctorbob is a purist so his advice is right if you have to get rid.


13 Oct, 2008


Quite often the Toadstools appear as a ring on the lawn..
' A Fairy Ring' wishing you good fortune. Walk quietly with bare feet after dark.and sense the Magic.

13 Oct, 2008


i have a dead tree in my garden and lots of fungi on it around the tree and in the soil below how do i get rid of it thanks

13 Oct, 2008


Boxer - you need to check if this is honey fungus. Scrape a little bark off the dead tree and see if there is a smell of mushrooms and a white layer under the bark. At the base of the tree, dig down and see if there are any brown bootlace-like things. If so, you have a real problem on your hands as this diseas spreads to neighbouring shrubs and trees. There is good advice from the RHS if you type 'honey fungus' into google. Good luck - I do hope that it isn't.

13 Oct, 2008


Hi Boxer, Remove the dead tree and burn out the roots.
As Spritzhenry says if you have honey fungus it will
spread out and contaminate everything else.
Don't live with it.

14 Oct, 2008

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