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Moss and pelargoniums

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After such a wet summer I have moss in some of my flower borders. What is the best way of dealing with it?
For the same reasons, all my pelargoniums have rust. Is it worth overwintering them (I usually do) or should I bin them?



Hi Queenmags. I think the best way to deal with your moss is simply with a commercial moss killer. just buy one, even one to take moss out of lawns, and follow the instructions. If you are organic then just chop it off with a sharp spade.

The pelargoniums are so cheap in spring, and you can usually scrounge loads of cuttings anyway that I just bin mine every autumn and start again next year. Sad but effective. If I have an unusual one I take a cutting in a fresh pot by the way, I'm not that heartless.


13 Oct, 2008


I hate to disagree with you a bit, Sarra, but moss on the surface of the soil is a sign of poor drainage. So scrape it off, and dig in horticultural grit where you can. This will help a lot and you shouldn't get more. BTW, don't compost the moss - it doesn't rot down!
I only agree somewhat about the Pelargoniums, too!!!! I do over-winter mine if I can, and take cuttings as well. However, diseased plants are just not worth saving - so ditch them! Again, not in your compost bin.

13 Oct, 2008

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